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Munchen Bakery was born out of the pure love for baking. 

The founder Fei came from an IT background, during Covid-19 lockdowns, Fei fell in love with creating baked goods out of simple ingredients of flour, water and salt. Micro bakery is a modern business model which operates from a home-based bakery, all breads are made to order and delivered to your doorsteps. All the sourdough based products are guaranteed to be baked on the day of delivery. Freshness is the key. I source our ingredients from local suppliers and try my best to cater for customer's allergy requirements. I hope you treasure the goodness of small batch hand made baked goods just as much as I do!

I use the organic range of flour from Wholegrain Milling which are all grown and milled in NSW.
Apart from the regular sourdough based products, I offer seasonal sweet treats for you to choose from month to month. Look out for them and be sure to follow Munchen Bakery on social media platforms for updates.

If you have any feedbacks or suggestions, please feel free to leave me a message at the Contact Us section.

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